How to Get a Colorado Reverse Mortgage

Colorado reverse mortgages have helped thousands of seniors achieve their financial goals. However, many seniors don’t know how to get a reverse mortgage in Colorado – or even where to begin.

Sandy Clements has processed many Colorado reverse mortgages that have helped hundreds of seniors achieve their financial goals – and she would like to help you achieve your financial goals.

The best place to get started is with a phone call to Sandy. You can reach her at 303-369-0408 or
1-866-369-0408; you can also email her at sclements9615@comcast.net.

Until you get in touch with Sandy, the following information will give you an idea about how you get a Colorado reverse mortgage.

How to Get a Colorado Reverse Mortgage – Beginning the Process

  1. Initial Call for Information – Learn How a Reverse Mortgage works.

    Sandy will discuss your Colorado reverse mortgage options. She will ask non-invasive questions about you and spouse’s ages, the estimated value of your home and the amount of any current liens on your home to calculate your loan estimate.

    You can schedule a non-obligation consultation with Sandy Clements to cover the details of the program. You may invite anyone you wish to attend this meeting.
  2. HUD Counseling

    HUD requires that all borrowers attend an educational session to be sure that you understand the program and your options before you obtain the loan. Counseling is provided by a HUD-approved agency and may be accomplished either face-to-face or on the telephone. Upon completion of the counseling, a certificate will be issued to you as evidence to HUD that you have had counseling. Some agencies charge for counseling based upon your financial status.
  3. Application

    Upon completion of your counseling, you will contact Sandy to make an appointment to take your application. This may be done in the privacy of your home.
  4. Appraisal

    An appraisal will be done on your home. The appraiser will contact you directly to make the appointment. Soon after the appraisal has been completed, Sandy will contact you to discuss the value and if any repairs are required by the appraiser.
  5. Processing Your Loan

    Your Colorado reverse mortgage loan will be processed locally. During this time, Sandy will keep you informed of the progress of your loan. Upon completion of initial processing, your loan will be moved to underwriting.
  6. Underwriting

    Once the underwriter has analyzed your loan file to ensure that it conforms to FHA standards and guidelines, Sandy will be given “clear to close” notification.
  7. Closing

    As soon as Sandy receives “clear to close” she will contact you to schedule the closing and finalize your loan details. She will ask how you want to receive your loan funds. You will meet on the day of closing for you to sign your loan documents. You will receive your funds on the fourth business day following closing to allow for the three day right of rescission required by law.

To learn more about Sandy and how you can contact her, please go to the Contact Page.

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